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graphql/error 模块负责创建和格式化 GraphQL 错误。你可以从 graphql/error 模块或根 graphql 模块导入。例如:

英:The graphql/error module is responsible for creating and formatting GraphQL errors. You can import either from the graphql/error module, or from the root graphql module. For example:

import { GraphQLError } from "graphql" // ES6
var { GraphQLError } = require("graphql") // CommonJS






class GraphQLError extends Error {
message: string,
nodes?: Array<any>,
stack?: ?string,
source?: Source,
positions?: Array<number>,
originalError?: ?Error,
extensions?: ?{ [key: string]: mixed }

GraphQL 中发生的错误的表示。包含有关查询中发生错误的位置的信息以供调试。最常用的是下面的 locatedError

英:A representation of an error that occurred within GraphQL. Contains information about where in the query the error occurred for debugging. Most commonly constructed with locatedError below.


function syntaxError(
source: Source,
position: number,
description: string
): GraphQLError;

生成一个表示语法错误的 GraphQLError,其中包含有关语法错误在源中的位置的有用描述信息。

英:Produces a GraphQLError representing a syntax error, containing useful descriptive information about the syntax error's position in the source.


function locatedError(error: ?Error, nodes: Array<any>): GraphQLError {

给定一个任意错误(可能是在尝试执行 GraphQL 操作时抛出的),生成一个新的 GraphQLError,了解文档中导致原始错误的位置。

英:Given an arbitrary Error, presumably thrown while attempting to execute a GraphQL operation, produce a new GraphQLError aware of the location in the document responsible for the original Error.


function formatError(error: GraphQLError): GraphQLFormattedError
type GraphQLFormattedError = {
message: string,
locations: ?Array<GraphQLErrorLocation>
type GraphQLErrorLocation = {
line: number,
column: number

给定 GraphQLError,根据 GraphQL 规范的响应格式、错误部分描述的规则对其进行格式化。

英:Given a GraphQLError, format it according to the rules described by the Response Format, Errors section of the GraphQL Specification.

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